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AlumiVision MDA Benefits

The AlumiVision MDA Pinhole Inspection System enhances your packaged product's integrity by closely inspecting cold formed pockets and flat material for pinholes, fractures, tears, pores and cracks. By insuring your packaging materials are perforation free, the final package's reliability and product's longevity is assured.

Superior cavity wall pinhole inspection without the unnecessary waste associated with increasing pinhole sensitivity.

On Line Rigorous inspections reduces customer packaging complaints, minimizes material waste and maximizes productivity.

Non-destructively inspects a wide variety of packaging materials such as formed blister packs, metal foils, copper laminates, paper products, plastics, heavy aluminum and all opaque materials.

It is fully automated, highly accurate, and very easy to setup or re-program, for all your pinhole inspection needs.

The Alumivision is industrial quality and designed for minimum maintenance and long life. The unit is manufactured in stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The sleek design has no case mounting screws exposed to trap dirt and line contaminates.