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Detecting Pinholes in Cavity Sidewalls




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AlumiVision MDA Specifications

Power Requirements
Supply Voltage:                  
23.5V to 27V DC stabilized.

Supply Current:                    Typical 0.5 A      Max 1.0 A

Environmental Requirements     Operating Temperature 0 to 50C  Storage Temperature   -20 to 50C  Relative Humidity           0 to 95% non-condensing

Signal Inputs                               Shift clock and Disable: 

On state: 5-30 VDC                    Off state: < 2 V or Open             Signal input is electrically isolated from unit.

Signal Outputs     

Zone 1 and Zone 2                (Solid State Relay):

On State:                                Voltage: 30 VDC                        Current: 0.1 A  

Off state: Open circuit (Pinhole detected)

Pulse Width: 1 - 250 msec (programmable via setup)

Ready Signal (Relay) - NO/COM 

On State:                                Voltage: 30VDC                                Current: 1 A (max) 

Off State: Open (Not Ready)

All outputs short circuit protected via PTC resetable fuse



Detection Parameters                                                                                                                  Level: Min: 10 µm  (Note 1)                                                                                      Standard Detection Thresholds: 25, 50 or 100 m                                                         (Other detection thresholds available.)                                                                      Material Speed:                                                                                                 MAX: 2.54m/sec (10 ft/sec )                                                                                   MIN:  0 m/sec (0 ft/sec)

Inspection Window                                                                                            Width: 25.4 mm (1.0")                                                                                                  Length: Depends on model (See table below)                                                          Distance:  Min: 6.2 mm (.25")    Max: 64 mm (2.5") Note 2                                             (Material to upper unit)

Note 1: Depends on distance to material and conditions                                                                      Note 2: Range may be extended with reduced sensitivity

Warm-up time                                                                                               Power-on to Ready:  1 min

Configuration Storage                                                                                                           Non-volatile memory

Upper Unit  76.2 X 76.2 mm (3.0" x 3.0")(WxH),                                                            length (see table below)
Lower Unit 76.2 X 31.75 mm (3.0" x 1.25")(WxH),                                                  length (see table below)

Material                                                                                                                Covers: Stainless Steel                                                                                      Frame: Anodized Aluminum Frame

There are currently five standard length AlumiVision MDA                                         Inspection units. Their graduated rail width sizes are in 50 mm                                  mounting increments that span 100 - 400 mm. Custom                                          lengths are available.

Model Unit Length Inspection Length
AV200 240 mm 100 - 200 mm
AV250 290 mm  200 - 250 mm
AV300 340 mm  250 - 300 mm
AV350 390 mm  300 - 350 mm
AV400 440 mm  350 - 400 mm