AlumiVision Pinhole Inspection System     with MDA Technology Features

Detects all types of material perforations;           Pinholes, Fractures, Tears, Pores, Cracks

Inspects all opaque material forms;                    Flat Base Or Lid Materials, Deep Drawn Foils And Blister Sidewalls.

MDA Technology for superior sidewall pinhole detection:                                                                                Due to material stress during cold forming, cavity sidewalls are the most likely location of pinholes and other perforations.

100 % inspection at full line speed:                          Inspection of opaque films and blisters at full line speed increases packaging integrity and reduces materials waste.

User Friendly Interface:                                       The Interface features four status LEDs for quick unit status, easy-to-read backlit LCD display and tactile switches for easy unit interface.

Easy Unit Setup:                                                   Menu driven design makes setup quick and easy.

Validation protection:                                           User pass code prevents inadvertent or unwanted unit setting change, thereby avoiding costly revalidation.

Robust machine interface:                                          Fail-safe outputs ensure inspection integrity. Fault tolerant inputs and outputs prevent damage from faulty connections.

Flexible Output Configuration:                                 Outputs can be configured to source or sink current when active.

Fast system integration:                                         Works with PLC or the internal shift registers can control a  reject mechanism. Uses industry standard voltage I/O connections.

Reject counter:                                                    Counts the number of machine index positions that had pinholes detected and were rejected  (requires shift clock). The count is displayed on the user interface.

Shift Register:                                                         Delays the reject signal by a programmed number of machine indexes (requires shift clock).

User selectable languages:                                         Allows operators to work with their native languages.

Validation ready:                                                                  The Alumivision is 100% tested and ready for validation. A precision pinhole template is provided to support the validation process.

Easy unit mounting:                                                            Simple bolt on operation.

Low Maintenance:                                                 The sleek design of the Alumivision's enclosure  minimizes dust and particle collection. There are no exposed screws to accumulate dust. Only the lenses require routine cleaning, depending on the environment.