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Pinholes? Fractures? Tears? Pores? Cracks?

AlumiVision MDA

On-Line Opaque Material Pinhole Inspection System

The AlumiVision MDA Pinhole Inspection System is a high-resolution, technologically advanced, on line, fully automated Optical Inspection System.

MDA technology for superior cavity sidewall pinhole detection without the penalty of increased rejects for flat material areas

Enhances product integrity by ensuring high barrier materials are perforation free.

Compatible with all thermoforming and cold forming packaging machines.

Pinhole inspection of virtually any opaque packaging material and on virtually any machine

Materials include aluminum foils, copper foils and laminates, various metal-plastic laminates, etc.

Industry applications: Pharmaceutical packaging, medical packaging, food packaging, battery encapsulating, foil production - many  other applications

Detects all types of perforations - pinholes, fractures, tears, pores, cracks

Inspects flat and formed materials

100 % perforation inspection at full operating speeds


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

  • Meets GMP, CE, and FDA guidelines

  • Providing pinhole detectors for pharmaceutical packaging machines  since 2000

  • 2-4 week delivery

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Off-the-self and Custom units

  • OEM Pricing

  • We are dedicated to excellent quality, reliability and customer support at competitive prices.